Meet Yalgo

A smarter way to connect with your customers. Available NOW on the App Store and Google Play.

Meet Yalgo

A smarter way to connect with your customers. Available NOW on the App Store and Google Play.

One app, many uses

Say goodbye to store cards, stamp books and coupons for your customers. Yalgo handles all that and makes it easy for new customers to find you too.


To help independents be found, to reward loyalty and create a Yalgo community that enables cities and towns to meet the modern world.

Augmented reality experience

Augmented Reality is bringing real life experiences to your phone, helping discover a new world.

Discover new and exciting indie businesses near you

Many independents are located away from the high street, so how do you find the hidden gems if you don’t know the city and town you are in, and how do they promote their business in an increasingly digital word?

Geo targeting

Build a powerful location-based mobile marketing app with a digital loyalty and rewards platform for shops, restaurants and the service sector that enable you to promote your city, town or community with proximity marketing and Geofencing.

Yalgo is a technology based app, built for independents to bring a modern day world back to cities and towns, bringing businesses, councils and people together.

Instant reward campaigns

Yalgo builds a community of rewards across all sectors and all independent businesses. Once you find the place to go, you can build up loyalty programmes. Rewards create loyalty; loyalty creates offers.

Real time analytics

One of the keys to any business is to understand your customer, and make sure you’re meeting your customers needs. How can you do this if you don’t have the data?  

Yalgo has created a dashboard that you can use on your phone, ipad or laptop that will show you all the data from your campaigns.  Know your new customers and encourage them to return.  Identify your top customers and reward them accordingly.

Reviews and social media

Yalgo is a marketing engine for independents who don’t always have marketing budgets or a ready audience. 


Yalgo is available now on the App Store and Google Play.

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